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TBC's Disaster Relief Effort Raises over $130K for Feeding America

Dec 7th 2017

Each autumn, all restaurants under The Boiling Crab name come together to raise funds for a charity close to our hearts – but the 2017 season was impacted by an unforeseen string of disasters, beginning with Hurricane Harvey in Dallas. This category 4 hurricane hit extremely close to home, making its first landfall in Rockport, TX, just 49 miles from Seadrift, TX, where our Boiling Crab story began. Many of us have family and friends in the affected areas, especially Houston. But what started as a Harvey Relief fundraiser for Houston quickly became a broader Hurricane Relief effort for those affected by Irma and Maria – and eventually then evolved into a Disaster Relief to include victims of the Northern California wildfires, as well.

Like our previous fundraisers, a percentage of sales from boiled shrimp and crawfish were donated to a very special cause, in this case, we carefully chose Feeding America, a first-responder organization that works with many food banks and meal programs across the country. In fact, Feeding America has allocated and/or shipped more than 22 million pounds of food, water, and supplies to food banks impacted by disasters in California, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

What better way to help than do what we do best: feed people. At the end of our fundraiser, The Boiling Crab raised a grand total of $134,564.40 for Feeding America through sales and cash donations. This could not have been done without 100% participation from our TBC staff, who worked hard on getting the buzz out there and in our stores. Because of their tireless efforts, and the generous spirit of our guests who were eager to help, we can aide many more people who have been affected by these devastating events. From fires to floods and hurricanes, thousands of people need help – and this fundraiser really shows how much we can do when we all pull together. For more information on how you can help, visit